July 23, 2010: Cobb Salad Thursday

My parents returned from their vacay in Canada yesterday and my mother calls me declaring her craving for a salad.  Our favorite restaurant is across the street from our apartment.  We have been going to VIP’s since it opened in 1996/1997.

One salad we order often is a vegetarian version of a cobb salad.  Cobb salad tends to come with chicken and bacon but we just ask them to take it out.  The salad composes of mixed greens: romaine lettuce and baby arugula, tomatoes, shredded carrots, shredded red cabbage, avocado, cucumbers and swiss cheese.  My mom and I usually get ranch dressing but decided to make our tahini-yogurt dressing instead.

Talk about satisfying your appetite on a hot day.

What made this day even better was the Zumba class we attended later on that evening.  If you have not tried Zumba I strongly suggest you do.

It is amazing!

That’s all folks!

Peace, love & no beef,



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