February 10,2010: Latest Good Eats

Hello everyone!

I apologize for my disappearance.  I had a lot to handle at school these past two weeks.  I apologize for my lack of posts.  Fear not! I am here to offer more guidance on Veggie eating!

Lately I have been on the go and getting a meal in has been really difficult.  It is really important especially for vegetarians to get proper nutrition especially protein.

Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day, is the hardest meal to not rush through. I am usually in a rush and I have little time to put together something decent for breakfast.  Lately I have eaten Life Cereal with berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or blackberries) with a drizzle of honey and soy milk. For my protein I heat up some Morningstar Vegetarian Sausages and I am good to go.  I am usually full for most of the morning and then try to snack on an orange or some type of fruit with Wheat Thins on the side.

I do admit that I love junk food.  It is hard not to especially when there is so much of it around on a college campus.  Today I was a little bad and ordered some chinese food. I ordered from Number One Kitchen, a cheap and quick Chinos joint. My regular dish, tofu and broccoli with garlic was the dish of choice today.  I asked them to spice it up but unfortunately they took it as make it more greasy.  I wanted to barf at the amount of oil and sauce they put in my dish.  I had to strain most of it out and by the time I finished I barely wanted to touch it.  Maybe next time I can ask for less sauce.

This weekend is Valentines Day and I am looking forward to eating and making good food for my boyfriend and I.

I feel inclined to bake, let us see what I concoct in the next few days.

I will write a longer post later.

But for now…

Peace, love and NO BEEF!



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