August 15, 2010: Random Craving: Salad

Today I went to Uno’s with my mom and brother.  The bad thing about going to Uno’s on a Sunday: it is crowded.  We decided to take the food to go.  My brother ordered his usual cheeseburger with the works and I got my broccoli and cheese soup.  However, today I wanted something a little extra: gorgonzola walnut side salad.

The salad comes with romaine lettuce and a few mixed greens along with cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced red onions (I pick this out because I do not like the taste of raw onions), crumbled gorgonzola cheese and candied walnuts.  This salad is served with a blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette and homemade chunky herbed croutons. This entire salad is light and refreshing.  The flavors of the robust gorgonzola is complimented by the vinaigrette and candied walnuts.  I had to pick a little of the gorgonzola out since I did not want to over do it with the cheese.

Two benefits of this mid day meal:

1. The soup was about $4 and the side salad was also around $4 – A total of approximately $8 for a healthy and filling meal.

2. It is a low-calorie meal. Soup: 300 calories and Salad: 200 calories.

Eating out usually seems like a drag when you are trying to eat healthy but you can enjoy food at your favorite restaurant if you eat small portions and choose a healthy alternative.

That is all for now readers!

Peace, love and no beef!


P.S. My other random craving has been Multigrain Cheerios with fresh raspberries served with some soy milk.  It is the perfect midnight snack.


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