The Power of “No”

No is one of the most powerful words in our vocabularies. To say no is to proclaim your power especially when it comes to declining something that can possibly drain or overwhelm you. I don’t think we truly realize how important it is for us to say “no” more often. We often overbook ourselves and do so much for other people that we forget to say yes to ourselves and our self care.

Tune in to my latest vlog all about saying no and how this is not only beneficial for your state of mind (hello sanity) but also your self care and freedom.

I felt like sharing my moment of humility, the moment I felt not only invincible but vulnerable. These incredible feelings arise from my immense love and devotion to learning more about this asana. I am incredibly grateful for my body for the strength to endure this physical challenge.

“The headstand can lead to a symbolic upheaval of perspective. Turning the world upside down can create a bigger vision. Instead of being rooted in the Earth, we can see ourselves as a mystical peepul tree, whose roots grow in Heaven. Rather than being attached to survival, status and concepts that have arisen through our family and conditioning, we can instead attach ourselves to the Divine and ask to be nourished by insights.”- Elephant Journal