TBLTA [Tempeh Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado] Sammy

Tempeh Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sammies

I’m feeling on top of the world. I feel like I’ve been on cloud 9 for at least 4 weeks now (well…I’m kinda always on cloud 9…so maybe cloud 12?) because of the flow of wonderful things happening in my life. I started a new adventure as a farmers market manager here in the city for a few days a week, giving me plenty of time to focus on my health coaching and events. I’m back to a packed schedule with some other side projects and now I have a wedding to plan (teehee…well it’s next year so no stress over here).

I already knew this but whenever there is a series of hurdles or even doubts or fears that show up, I can feel the greatness bubbling underneath the surface. It’s the lotus waiting to emerge through the muck and sh*t. So instead of rushing the process, I surrender and watch as beautiful opportunities lay themselves at my feet (like my new market manager gig).

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