Yogi’s Pad Thai

Detoxifying Red Lentil Dahl

Whoa baby, this heat just decided to come out of no where and say heeeeey.

And starting tomorrow I’m getting back on my cool food consumption. This fiery weather really is pushing me towards that simple, clean, light eating but of course, something that still tastes good. Okay I have other factors motivating me as well (running a 7 day cleanse and um…my wedding).

The last few months have flown right on by and our wedding is just about 3 months away at this point. My dress has finally arrived and bestabelieve I tried that thang on. It fits like a glove. But like every bride I’m sure, eating light and making sure everything stays right and tight is top priority.

That’s where this raw salad comes from.

This “pad thai” is not really a pad thai. The sauce is really the main thing that makes me think of pad thai without the added heaviness of noodles. It’s zesty, tangy and filling without leaving you bloated, uncomfortable and dissatisfied. I’m all about that satisfaction.

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Spinach (gluten & wheat free) pasta with baby broccoli and tomatoes sauteed in garlic, olive oil and lemon zest. Seasoned with salt and freshly cracked black pepper (trust me, this makes a difference. The flavor is unbeatable). 

This was light, refreshing and is easy to make on a ridiculously hot summer day. 

[And in case you’re wondering…I didn’t eat much of this while I was sick. I made this but just barely nibbled on it.]