Summertime fine Chai Frappuccino {better than you know who}

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And another cough.

Ok Mother Nature can we get some stability? What’s going on?! I was totally digging the warm 80 degree weather with the occasional rain shower cuz that feels hellagood and now homegirl has switched it up on me.

And then the coughing started. I was just getting into my flow with the whole iced beverage thing and was cleansing for the last week or so…and now I’m back to hot dranks. What’s good though?!

I am legit coughing and typing this blog post as I lick my lips reminiscing on the million smoothies I was experimenting with over the last week or so. Honestly, we’ve kept it pretty simple in our home. It would be untrue and a whole bunch of bs if I said this wasn’t with the wedding in mind. Um hello bride to be in less than 100 days over here!

Can we take a quick moment to breathe that in?!

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Satisfying Snacking

Image I’m the type of person who gets HANGRY. Like, I get the serious case of the grumpies when I don’t eat something. I try my best to pack snacks or keep something on hand for those moments when I can’t get to the munching. When I’m out, especially with people who aren’t vegan or gluten free, it can be a struggle. I mean, who really wants to go out for tempeh tacos besides me? But thankfully I am slowly discovering new snacks that I can keep stashed in my purse or work drawer for those moments when I really need to gnaw on something delicious AND nutritious.

I was recently given the AMAZING opportunity to check out Vega’s brand new Vega Bars thanks to the ladies over at FitApproach. I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of these mainstream meal replacement, protein or snack bars. Lately, it’s just all processed crap and usually has gluten or dairy which is totally unfair to me. Why in the world would I want to sacrifice my amazing stomach and healthy gut for something that doesn’t taste that great either?!

I was pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of Vega’s brand new bars (meal replacement, snack, energy and protein). I have to admit my favorite was the Snack Bar: Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts and Sea Salt (for obvious reasons- I’m a chocoholic and I LOVE the combo of sea salt and chocolate).


Photo credit: FitApproach & Vega Bars

One thing I am not fond of for most “health food” bars is the granular texture and the amount of added sweeteners. These particular bars had a great texture, were very tasty but they did have agave (which is fructose. I do wish they used coconut sugar or even just nixed the sugar, we don’t need that!) and at most had a whopping 19 grams of sugar per bar.  Thankfully the snack bars weren’t loaded with sugar and had at most 8 grams. I probably won’t go for the Vega Sport (protein or energy) bars because of the sugar content.

I really appreciate that Vega really focuses on adding greens, Omega 3’s, plant based protein and good flavors to these bars. The variety was absolutely delicious even though I didn’t eat the peanut butter flavor (allergic-yikes). I don’t advocate replacing your meals with these bars as a weight loss regimen or a diet. If you’re looking to nibble and just want a nutritious snack, these are a great option. I would really stick with a diet that’s rich in REAL, whole, nutritious foods- think veggies, fruits, whole grains (if you do grains), healthy fats, cut back on sugar and generously consume green smoothies. Overall, I really enjoyed these bars and hope you give them a try to see how you feel after eating them.

Have you tried a Vega Bar in the past?

What are your thoughts?

Peace, love and NO Beef!


Why I Loved My Juice Cleanse with Juice Press


Happy Sunday beautiful friends. I am overjoyed and filled with immense energy after the best juice cleanse I have ever done. Spring to me is always a time to cleanse and reset. Especially after the winter we had, I really needed some detoxification. I enjoy juice cleansing because of the break it gives my digestive system. It helps me recognize my emotional attachment to foods and points out some of the cravings I have. I don’t juice cleanse to lose weight even though many people do lose weight when they juice for an extended period of time. I cleanse for the sake of treating my body good. I love giving my body some much needed nutrients and taking time to really rest. Trust me I took time to get my full 8 hours and put my needs first. We ALL need to do that from time to time, if not ALL the time.

This month I started a new job and was introduced to Juice Press. It is a raw juice and smoothie bar of the future (their words). And I am all for their mission. During my lunch hour I wandered over to Juice Press and tried one of their green juices. Actually, I tried quite a few things. They have a fridge full of samples. AMAZING. You can win me over any day with free samples.

I brought home a menu and decided to embark on amazing juice journey with my mom. I have done two other juice cleanses before with Love Grace Foods and The Squeeze Truck and even did the Dr. Oz cleanse with smoothies. I knew the drill and mentally prepare myself to feel complete hungry and possibly a few mood swings.

Day 1

I woke up energized and ready to take on my day. The first juice was a grapefruit, orange and lemon. It was tart, tangy and citrusy. LOVED it. I went through my day not feeling a bit hungry. Shocking! I was anticipating day 1 to be my worst day because that was my experience the last time. Each and every juice was nutrient filled, well thought out, delicious and kept me full. I really didn’t even miss food. I almost didn’t finish one of my juices since I was so full off my juices. The only one I really wasn’t fond of was “Good Weed” with filtered water, hemp seeds, tahini, coconut sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt. I really could not take the intense flavor of the tahini even though my favorite go to dressing contains tahini. I got used to it by the third day but it really was my least favorite of the 6 juices I had throughout the day.


Day 2

I woke up incredibly groggy, convinced I wouldn’t make it through the day. Can I have my dirty soy chai latte, please? After the first two juices I got a little pep in my step and seemed to function. No real signs of hunger. My skin looks great. I’m just going to the bathroom to pee every 30 minutes.

Day 3

Can I do this for 2 days more? I LOVE how I feel right now! I feel light, clean, clear and completely NOT bloated! I hate feeling bloated. I love feeling completely empty yet satisfied at the same time.

Even though I am gradually adjusting back to normal eating, I am very impressed with Juice Press and their well thought out cleanses. Not only that but their selection of salads, raw desserts and even breakfast items are to die for. I picked up their chia seed pudding and acai superfood bowl as easy post cleanse meals and fell deeper in love with Juice Press. Seriously? What can’t you guys do?!

Image Image

I can’t wait to try another cleanse with them soon but I will be attempting my very first 5 day cleanse. Stay tuned for that!

Peace, love and no beef (and green juice)!