20+ Things I Am Grateful For

One of the many challenges I am participating in this month is the Elf for Health Holiday Challenge. I did this challenge last year during the holidays but feel more active and inspired this time around. Yesterday, we were asked to come up with 20 things we are grateful for so I decided to share my endless gratitude with you here. 

I’m grateful for: 

1. My family

2. My health

3. My boyfriend Matthew (I love you)

4. My writing (which, I am catching up on as I recover- slow and steady process)

5. My patience with my recovery from my concussion 

6. Yoga

7. Having a place to live

8. Having a well paying job

9. Good food

10. Soy Chai Lattes from Starbucks/Argo Tea

11. Trust in the universe

12. My new found spiritual journey

13. My wonderful friends and support system

14. Cooking ( I LOVE COOKING)

15. Kisses, cuddling, love and affection

16. Christmas 

17. Wine

18. My goals, talents, aspirations and gifts

19. My physical, spiritual, emotional body

20. Candles, incense, crystals 

21. My Erin Condren Planner

22. Green Smoothies

23. My life

24. The beach

25. Vacations

26. Positivity 

27. Water

28. My laugh

29. Smiling

30. Cartoons

31. The snow (I say this as it snows)

What are you grateful for?

Peace, love and no beef,



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