Releasing Judgment

It’s so easy to judge others. I catch myself often when I am on social media, when I am walking or even when I get trapped within my thoughts. It’s bizarre. What makes us so high and mighty that we have bestowed upon ourselves the right to judge others? 

Judgment is such an overwhelming feeling. It’s almost toxic, in that it consumes your entire being with negativity and thoughts of how the person could be and should be better. In essence, we’re all the same. We are equal even though society would rather see it otherwise. 

I am a firm believer in the statement “what bothers you most about others is a reflection of what you need to work on within yourself.” That’s probably not the right quote, but that’s close enough. We obsess and fester over other people’s faults and dispositions that we miss the true message. We have a lot to work on internally. We’re not immune to change or imperfection. It is our imperfections that really give us an opportunity to grow and become better human beings. 

I have decided to be more aware of my judgments. Why do certain things bother me about others? Why am I so wrapped in what another person is doing? What is it that I need to work on spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically (basically, on all levels)? It’s an uplifting feeling to acknowledge my own judgments and I am hoping it unveils the path to becoming a fab woman. 

That’s all for now…

Peace, love and no beef. 



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