Finding Solid Ground

Finding a balance seems to be the challenge at the start of any new year. It seems that the New Year comes with new ideas, goals and sometimes a swarm of things to do. I’m finding myself caught at the fork in the road, where finding a balance meets complete insanity. I have these moments where I feel completely overwhelmed and forget to find my feet and ground myself. My mom always says to me, “Feel your feet. Find your rooting and get solid.” At times I just look at her and think, “do you know how hard that is?”

Finding a strong foundation and maintaining it is such a challenge.  When we are constantly moving about, running from one task to the next, rooting and centering yourself seems to come last on the to-do list. We are only in the second week of the new year and I feel like a chicken without a head. I am adamant about planning, organizing and scheduling, so that I make time for everything that is important. But sometimes my to-do lists and scheduling has me feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is not a good feeling for me. I start to feel emotionally unstable and all over the place. That’s when I hear my mom say to find my ground, my center and root myself deep to the earth.

Allowing yourself to continuously float without grounding only seems to lead to illness, sickness or unhealthy habits. Before my potential mental breakdown, I am making a conscious effort to care for myself. Yes, the to-do lists must be checked off and the schedule is hard to steer away from. But, finding time for yourself to establish balance is non-negotiable. Say it with me now: self-care is NON-NEGOTIABLE. I am NOT an OPTION. I MUST take care of ME.  You should never be too busy to stop and reassess and get yourself grounded.  Now of course this is MUCH easier said than done. I am making a promise to myself that I will not get to a point of insanity (though, tears and a few nibbles of dark chocolate for comfort are OKAY).

This year, I will find my rooting and become solid.


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