Veggie Power

Getting in all of your veggies especially in the winter time seems to be a challenge. I am trying to at least eat some raw veggies here and there to maintain balance within my body. I have noticed quite a difference when eating raw vegetables as opposed to cooked. Though I do not have any intention to eat a completely raw vegan diet, I do plan on incorporating some raw food dietary practices.

As I mentioned earlier on in the week, I am participating in Elf for health, a 6 week challenge to keep me on track for the holidays. The support is phenomenal and my elf finally got in touch with me! YAY! One of the challenges this week was to incorporate veggies into every meal. I completely failed breakfast. It’s hard for me to associate breakfast with anything other than fruit. But I do plan on making a nice tofu scramble this weekend! Since I missed breakfast I made sure I noshed on some sugar snap peas, carrots and celery throughout the day. Surprisingly enough, I felt calmer, more content and more focused.

Who knew veggies could have such power? Well, I kinda did. But you’d be surprised how hard it is to really pay attention to the amount of veggies you are consuming. Have you really stopped to think about how many servings you are ACTUALLY getting each day?

Even a vegan, like myself, can dive off the deep end and eat complete junk. Hey, momentary lapses of judgment are all part of being human. We live in a society where junk food surrounds us and lingers around every corner. And let’s face it, sometimes that chocolate chip cookie really doesn’t seem all that bad. 

I try my best to avoid diving off into that end of the pool because I know how it impacts my health. I may be a little uptight about my dietary lifestyle but that is because I know what my body needs to feel lively, healthy and satisfied. But giving in on a rare moment is A-OKAY! [And besides, it keeps you from binging later on. Your hips will thank you later ;)]

Peace, love and no beef here!


What are you doing to make sure you get your veggies in today?


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