Vegan Challenge…Completed. Or is it?

3 weeks have come and gone and I can’t believe I survived my personal vegan challenge. Honestly, at first I anticipated that I was going to die without cheese and yogurt. Like, come on, I’m the biggest lover of buffalo mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Snacking on yogurt and cheese was my THING!

The first week was definitely the most difficult. I was already slowly cutting down my intake of cheese. I started limiting how much cheese I would eat to once or twice a week. I admit, I felt like an addict. I felt the urge to eat cheesy, gooey, melty, salty goodness. I have always known I am sensitive to dairy. I stopped drinking cows milk in the 6th grade and swapped to soy milk. Recently I have swapped soy milk for almond/coconut milk.

After week one I started to feel lighter, less bloated and clear headed. I started to slowly find vegan versions of my favorite things and veganized my kitchen. Week one came and went. Before I knew it, my three week challenge was over. I survived!

I am now mid-week 4 and feel amazing. I am the healthiest I have ever been. I am completely comfortable with my body and am a weight I feel my best at. I truly am enjoying this decision I have made for myself. I still get odd questions, stares and even the rolling of the eyes. I am happy, content, light, free and I’m doing something for the environment.

Well readers, that’s all for now!

Peace, love, no cheese and NO beef!



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