Uncovering Emotional Eating

“Ugh. I feel stressed.” “Im so tired.” “Argh today was a hard day.” How often do you hear yourself say these things and in an instant find yourself knee deep in a bag potato chips with a side of guilt? After a long day of work, a long odorous, uncomfortable commute and an infinite to-do list upon arriving home, the first thing on your mind is relaxation and instant comfort. But how often is comforting yourself linked to eating something you know is bad for you? How often do you find yourself attempting to protect yourself from vulnerability by building a shield of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream?

I have noticed a pattern of the people around me. I find that many of the reasons they struggle with weight loss or healthy eating is because there is disharmony in their emotional state. When something is slightly off in one aspect of your life, other aspects tend to follow suit. When was the last time you felt sad? What was your first instinct? What was your course of action? For some, the first thought is to satisfy or fill a void with comforting foods. When I feel emotional (usually when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed), I tend to shop. I usually have to stop for a moment and catch myself before I blow my money on that Michael Kors bag that I just don’t need. Though it is not as simple as thinking whether or not you truly need it, emotional eating is attached to something much deeper which is really calling you to pay attention to it.

Eating to soothe your current emotional state is a way to cope, a defensive mechanism. It may be simple to acknowledge that you are eating when overcome by an overwhelming emotion but actually taking the extra effort to make a conscious change is where the true challenge lies. Nourishment and comfort, from the moment we took birth have shaped our relationship with food.

Here are some fabulous FREE resources to help guide you on your journey to recovering from emotional eating. Heal yourself!



Peace, love and NO emotional eating (and NO BEEF!)



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