Listening to Understand Your Body

I’m dedicating this post to the discussion of how to really obtain a firm connection and understanding of your body and becoming one with yourself by listening to what you need.

I admit I had assumed people would just get this since it feels so natural to me. I feel that I’ve maintained such a reverence for my body that listening to it is incredibly crucial. I know when I’m tired, when I’m hungry, when it’s time to rest and when I simply don’t feel well. This takes time, conscious effort and awareness. When there is a lack of awareness, there is disconnect, imbalance and often illness.  I do understand that many people struggle with body image, self-control, self-esteem and other nutrition and health related issues and this may seem as though it is a great challenge. Luckily it’s easier than you think. And what’s even better about it is thinking about it (in regards to listening to yourself) is discouraged and unnecessary. 

However, for the moment maybe you might want to reflect just a bit on your current lifestyle. What do you want to change to better your health? How is your environment, career, relationships with others influencing your health? In case you didn’t know already, all of these things influence our health (but that doesn’t mean to go blame someone for your health, just recognize the impact these different aspects of your life have on you). Our minds, bodies and souls are all connected, they are one entity. When one is slightly off, the other aspects are influenced.

How often do you find yourself eating but then realize after you had scarfed down a whole bag of salty potato chips that in actuality you were not truly hungry?  How often do you find yourself merely eating out of habit or out of pure pleasure rather than for your health?

Before you grab something to eat today take a moment and really ask yourself how you feel.  By taking just a minute (you can spare one of those, right?) and observing how you feel opens up your awareness of yourself. The moment you stop to pay attention to yourself, awareness increases.

When you are truly hungry, you are not eating to cover up or fill an emotional void. A perfect example is the stereotypical pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough after a stressful day. Sure, it tastes great but what are you really feeding? Most likely youre not feeding your body, youre feeding your emotions. When you are truly hungry, your body will tell you. Your stomach may start to growl; you may not be able to focus properly. Dont underestimate how intelligent your body is. You are blessed with an incredible system. If you just pause for a moment and allow yourself to really pay attention to your needs, you can hear your body subtly hinting to you. Self-awareness is silent, reflective and intuitive and in the beginning takes time. Recognize that you are truly worth it. You are the only you.  

Peace, love and NO beef here.



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