Autumn Cleanse

With every change of season, I begin thinking about new beginnings. With the fall approaching, kids are going back to school and vacations end, I can’t help but think the fall warrants some sort of change. By change I don’t necessarily mean a drastic haircut or completely altering yourself. My idea of change comes as cleansing, detoxification. 

To cleanse, by definition means, to make thoroughly clean, or to rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling. It is synonymous with purging, purification, clearing and refining. In order for our bodies, minds and souls to feel completely replenished and achieve equilibrium, we must purify and cleanse ourselves.

In my experience, when people hear detoxification or cleansing they immediately think it is entirely related to diet. Yes, eating clean is an important part of purging your body of toxins but separating yourself from negativity from all angles is where true results lie. 

There are numerous detox and cleansing diets from the master cleanse (also known as the spicy lemonade diet) to a raw food diet. Each, if done properly, is meant to purge the body of toxins. These diets are not meant to bring permanent results, they are intended to purify the blood, liver and get your system back in balance. Now, I don’t believe in doing a cleanse for weight loss. I believe that doing, let’s say a three-day purifying cleanse is ultimately helpful to get your body to a state of equilibrium. But of course, please take extra precaution if you have serious health risks or ailments. 

Detoxification is ultimately about you realizing what it is your body needs to feel better; whether it is taking a break from social networks, allowing yourself to have a break from emails, removing yourself from negative people or situations, making conscious healthy choices for your day to day diet. Take time for yourself. You’re the only you. Be good to you.

Peace, love and no beef!



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