The experiment that went terribly wrong…sorta

I like to think of myself as a good cook. I also think I am pretty good at experimenting with ingredients. Today I wanted to make even healthier pancakes for myself and my boyfriend. I am trying to encourage my boyfriend to eat healthier since his household is big on being carnivores and ordering out. His parents cook but sometimes I get concerned about his health. Hey, I have every right as a girlfriend to be concerned about my boyfriends health. But moving on…

I tried to make pancakes with brown rice flour. Never again. I usually make pancakes with organic unbleached whole wheat flour but of course I wanted to experiment. I admit the pancakes tasted good but they didn’t hold up to the peaches and blueberries in my batter. It was a tad grainy and didn’t have a smooth flavor as the flour I regularly use.

The pancakes didn’t really look like pancakes but they did taste good. I just know in the future I may opt for almond flour (which is actually pretty pricey) or just suck it up and use organic unbleached all purpose flour.

Even a good cook has her slip ups.

It happens.

I refuse to give up!

I still need to make sweet potato pancakes. Will keep you all posted on that.

Peace, love and no beef!



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