Monday Motivation

I don’t know what it is about Monday’s that just seem so blah. Sunday is restful and then all of a sudden BOOM it’s Monday. Monday is dreaded and hated because it means: back to work. Monday doesn’t have to be horrible, especially after you rested on Sunday (for those of you who actually have a normal weekend schedule). 

For me Monday means I get my butt back in the gym and work even harder than I did last week. Since I don’t believe in cheat days or cheat weekends (whatever those are), I just work off that Monday morning or just plain ol’ Monday sludge. But I do admit waking up on Monday morning is a complete pain. My bed just feels even more comfortable than it did all weekend. 

Getting up and moving actually can increase your energy without the need for caffeine. I have a ton of energy on my own, sorry caffeine I just don’t need you right now. 

Well, that’s all for now. 

Peace, love and no beef.

And remember, take care of yourself (on all levels). You’re the only you. You’re all you’ve got. 



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