You Are What You Eat

I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat- what you put into your body effects your entire being. You may not realize it but that bag of potato chips has more of an effect on your mood, well being and health than you would expect. Ever wonder why you feel lethargic, on edge, jumpy or just plain old moody? Think about the things you’re eating on a regular basis. Sure, it’s much easier to grab take out on the way home from work but what you don’t realize is you’re sacrificing great health for convenience.

Though your schedule may not permit you to make conscious healthy decisions, you can make the effort to set aside time to prepare for the week ahead. Get on over to the grocery store or the farmer’s market and opt for fresh produce and less processed foods. Processed foods can have a negative impact on your body because of the simple fact that it is not natural. By opting for more fresh ingredients and planning out a menu for the week (if not the week, how about the next few days) you’re giving your body the chance to feel energized naturally (without the caffeine), you’ll feel more motivated and overall feel much happier. Weave in some daily physical activity and your body will thank you.

Make conscious decisions for long lasting results and remember, you are what you eat.

Peace, love and healthy eating (and no beef of course!),

Guramrit Khalsa


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