Pardon my slack…

I truly enjoy summer. Summer and spring are probably my two favorite seasons. Main reason? I get to be outside and enjoy nature (more so than the other two seasons). I especially love being able to go to the beach and swimming and those other summertime activities. 

But aside from my love of summer, I’ve been completely immersed in working, freelance writing (pieces to come in Parenting Magazine’s Sept & Oct issues!) and getting into nutrition school (yay me). I’m really excited to start my journey at Institute for Integrative Nutrition in September. I can’t wait to be a certified health coach. I am certain that this is part of my journey to becoming a health editor some day. I still have plans to go to culinary school but that’s on the back burner for now. 

Anyways (please pardon my rambling)…I apologize for not posting. I’m trying to post more frequently or at least post something of interest for my new readers. I’m hoping you fab readers will send in some requests so I can post recipes, articles, advice, wisdom, randomness for you! 

I’ll be posting a few things within the next few moments. Look out for those my dear readers!

Peace, love & no beef!



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