I love breakfast. Looking for a healthy yet flavorful pancake? Add some freshly grated lemon zest and a splash of milk (and if you’re feeling bold add a tablespoon of mascarpone to the batter). Toss in some blueberries and you have a delectable tart and sinfully sweet pancake. To compliment the blueberry lemon pancake you can make a simple lemon glaze by squeezing the juice from one lemon and adding in one and a half tablespoon of confectioners (powdered) sugar. The lemon glaze perfectly compliments the pancake creating such a heavenly marriage. Not a lemon fan? No problem. Nix the lemon glaze and use Grade A Maple Syrup. Please do not use that fake maple syrup. It’s full of unnatural ingredients and doesn’t have the rich maple flavor of a real maple syrup. Pure maple syrup has few calories and is rich in antioxidants keeping your immune system up and running. Just don’t take shots of pure maple syrup though. Moderation is always best. 


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