Main Essentials: Caribbean Style Vegan Food [A.K.A. the Ultimate Food Gasm]

In honor of lunch time I decided to think back on a lunch I had this past Saturday at a vegan restaurant in Rockland County (Nyack, NY). My mom and I frequent Nyack as it is a new age type town full of a younger yoga-doing generation of hippies.  We visit the chocolaterie located on Main street grab a few groceries from Back to Earth natural food store and of course we get hungry.  

Though Main Essentials is quite a walk from Main Street it is definitely a gem amidst the many awesome food joints in this small town.  At first I thought we were walking into a Jamaican joint (Reggae music and a man with long dreads. Yes, all of that) and questioned if this place was indeed “vegan.” 

Welcomed by a gentleman of his thirties, long dreads piled on top of his head covered by a knitted cap and a bright smile we felt compelled to remain and bask in the heavenly ambiance.  We were intoxicated by the aromas of cinnamon, sazon and freshly squeezed juices.  Ricky (the gentle soul with dreads) invited us to taste his fresh made collards, basmatic rice made in a style inspired by his traditional Dominican mother, vegan soy “ribs,” lentils, broccoli rabe, yucca and sweet plantains. I drooled at the mere mention of sweet plantains. 

For the price of around $12-$14 a person you can get your plate topped to the brim with goodness. Ricky definitely hooked us up! Overwhelmed I was unsure of where to start but I did know I wanted to save my sweet plantains for last for savoring purposes. 

One bite of the vegan ribs was pure bliss. Chewy, it melted perfectly in my mouth. Smothered in a sweet and savory sauce with an inviting aroma took me to a distant planet. No I am not exaggerating. When the food is THAT good I am transported. 

My mom and I ordered freshly squeezed orange-pineapple juice. At first I found the combination rather odd but it perfectly tantalized my senses as I continued to devour the colorful plate in front of me. 

The best part? Every bit of it was healthy so I didn’t feel so bad afterwards. It was sinfully healthy and I was satisfied until dinner. 

My only complaint was the lack of salt. But I would rather there be less than too much.

Well readers it’s back to work for me. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!

Peace, love and no beef!



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