As promised….a glance at Qdoba Grill

I am incredibly against eating at Chipotle. It’s not like I haven’t tried eating there. I have. Trust me.  I’m not saying it is complete and utter trash but for a vegetarian with a complex palate, Chipotle is not for me. 

Before the hype I went to Chipotle and got some guac and chips.  Sure the guac is texturally decent, slightly salted with a hint of lime juice but there is something missing. It lacks the sweetness of the tomatoes, the brightness of cilantro and the pop of the jalapeno.  Since I enjoy making guac from scratch and continue to perfect my recipe each time, I am incredibly picky.  Not just any guac will do.  My taste buds are simply not satisfied with fast food mediocrity. 

But of course this post is not to attack Chipotle, it is to encourage my readers to try out Qdoba and expand their stomachs and palates.  Sure neither Chipotle nor Qdoba are authentically Mexican.  I’m quite sure Mexicans barf at the sight of these so-called Mexican fast food joints. 

On a beautiful day like today I decided to take a nice long walk to grab some lunch.  I made my way over to Qdoba on 14th street and University Place.  I was drawn in by the fact it was different and for some reason I had queso on my brain.  I mean who am I kidding.  I always fantasize about cheese (in the least creepy way possible).  

Intoxicated at first whiff of queso dip and freshly made pico de gallo, the friendly smiling man behind the counter drew me in with free samples.  Nothing is more appealing than FREE FOOD.  Warm, crisp and fresh tortilla chips were passed to me with a variety of sauces to dip in.  Immediately my mouth watered at the thought of dipping into queso.  Warm with a hint of tang from hot peppers danced along my tongue as I quickly decided I must have a side of this queso IMMEDIATELY.  

I was overwhelmed by the warm gooey cheesiness that was partying in my mouth at the moment.  I almost forgot to order.  But finally I decided on getting two soft tacos piled with fresh goodness. Black beans, cilantro and lime infused rice (actually cooked! I refuse to eat Chipotles crunchy flavorless rice), corn salsa, habanero salsa, Monterey Jack Cheese and of course some warm queso poured over it all.  First bite is pure bliss. My craving for queso was immediately satisfied.  I get a burst of flavors from the smokey beans, tang from the corn salsa, a whiff of lime and a powerful kick of spice from the habaneros.  The contrast in textures and complexity of these simple flavors made an amazing lunch.  

Don’t attack me now with protests on how Chipotle is much better and that I must be crazy.  This is just my preference.  Chipotle is not trash.  I just feel that for a vegetarian Qdoba may be a better option, catering to our needs much better. 

This definitely stimulated my appetite. I may just go get some lunch.

Happy eating readers! 

Peace, love and no beef!



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