An obsession with mozzarella…and anything Italian

As of late I find myself at Cosi or Eataly especially since both are walking distance from my internships.  I will sit researching about whatever it may be and I start thinking about melt in your mouth mozzarella cheese and olive oil.  So I get up from my desk and sneakily make my way over to which ever place I choose.  Today after much research and after my eye balls almost gave out I stepped out to take a nice walk.  A little side note…this is some phenomenal weather we’re having! I don’t understand. I don’t want to question it too much because I’m afraid of jinxing it but regardless this weather is beautiful.  

Like I was saying, I took a nice walk from 20th and 5th avenue over to Union Square where Cosi is cleverly hiding right next to Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Bald Man).  I must admit I went to Cosi yesterday for lunch to but I don’t care! If it is good I will eat it again.  I decided on a Cosi-Duo.  This way I didn’t feel soooo guilty that I ate a Cosi Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella (TBM) whole grain flatbread sandwich yesterday.  My duo consisted of a half Cesar salad and a half of a TBM with baby carrots on the side.  

It sounds like a health attack but it’s so delicious you’d think it’s a sin.  The only sinful part?  How quick it disappears and the reasonable price.  Eating healthy is not expensive.  Around $8 for a salad, half a sandwich and some baby carrots.  

I’ll explain my Eataly obsession in another post. I’m going to see if the kitchen has any cookies from Baby Cakes (completely Vegan & Gluten Free!!!) left.  

That’s all for now readers!

Peace, love & no beef.

(P.S. Take a walk and enjoy this weather)


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