September 4, 2010: Varsity has more than just pizza…

Today I had an early dinner/late lunch date with my big, Dave (for those of you in Greek life who get bigs and have littles, this may make sense to you; this is in no way a reference to Sex in the City).

We decided to go to Varsity since it is cheaper and the quality of the food is actually pretty good.  I ate pizza probably a good two times this week. I got a slice from Varsity earlier on in the week and got a slice from Acropolis yesterday.  Honestly, Varsity pizza tastes way better.  It is rare that I will get two slices of pizza anywhere and Varsity is one of those places.  Acropolis, however, dominates on the cheese fries game.  The fries are crispy, not oily and have the perfect melted cheese accompaniment.

Today I decided to lay off the pizza and go for a classic: Grilled Cheese with Tomato and a bag of Kettle Baked Chips with Sea Salt.  It was a decent sized portion and was actually delicious.  I don’t like a sandwich to be greasy or served with all kinds of weird nastiness (coleslaw and greasy overly salted chips).  The only thing missing was a pickle which they ran out of and made me sad.

If you are on a diet and are looking for something healthy go for Varsity.  It is easy on your pocket and your waistline.  I am in pretty good shape but I do like to indulge in fries every once in a while.

That’s all for tonight readers!

Peace, love and no beef!



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