July 26,2010: Eat your veggies!

I know many people who are not fond of vegetables.  Honestly, I find this a big problem.  This really explains the type of society we are: obsessive, obese and addicted to the things that are not good for us.  As a child I grew up eating vegetables and grew to love new veggies each and every day.  The fact that many of the people I know do not like vegetables and do not eat them, disturbs me.

How can you live a healthy, prosperous or long life if you do not eat vegetables?  Sorry to all you meat eaters but I think some of you need a reality check: Meat is just one food group. You need more than just carbs and the dead flesh of an animal to survive.  Do you honestly think the people who live up to 100 years of age actually ate meat all day? They had healthy life styles which included a healthy, wholesome diet and they exercised regularly.

I know a few people who are trying to lose weight and get on a healthy track but they are having a hard time putting the steak, ribs and junk food down.  Listen, if you really want to make an effort to do your body some good, take care of it by eating some baby carrots, celery or adding vegetables to your dinner.  Dinner should not merely consist of meat and potatoes.  Sure, potatoes are vegetables but it is pure carbs and actually can keep the weight on you.

I am not trying to convert the world to the food religion of vegetarianism but I am trying to promote healthy eating and eating in moderation.  Try to go for grilled options rather than fried.  If you have a few options for dinner try to include vegetables and avoid going for seconds.

If you are new to the veggie game, you can try tossing it into some pasta or try a salad.  You can build your own salad that is uniquely you and incredibly delicious at the same time.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says the following about vegetables:

  • Vegetables are important for the health and maintenance of the body.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables reduces risk for: Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, (protects against) Cancer, Stroke, Coronary Heart Disease, Kidney Stones and High Blood Pressure
  • Veggies are low in fat (naturally!), calories and do not contain cholesterol
  • Important nutrients include: potassium (helps maintain blood pressure), dietary fiber (lowers cholesterol levels, reduce constipation and regulate bowel movements), vitamins A (promotes healthy eyes and skin, protects against infections), C (helps heal wounds, cuts, aids in Iron absorption great for anemics & Women especially), and E (provides protection against infection and is an important antioxidant) as well as Folic Acid (important for red blood cell formation).

When you look at the food pyramid you can see that the meat section is the smallest section while grains and veggies are the most important aspects of the meal!

These are just a few ramblings of mine for the day.

Peace, love & no beef!



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