January 16, 2010: Pizza that tastes like cardboard

I am partial to purchasing pizzas with veggies as a topping.  However, I am not particularly fond of buying pizza that is supposedly “healthy” with roasted veggies that looks great on the box but tastes like cardboard.  No, I have not really tasted cardboard but I can only imagine.

Tonight my mom thought it would be easier to buy a box of Kashi brand frozen pizzas.  One was Mediterranean veggie and the other, roasted veggies.  At first sight I expected them to be delicious because the images on the box definitely made my mouth water.  Take a look for yourself….

Compliments of Google Images
Compliments of Google Images

The main issue I had was the lack of vegetables and lack of flavor.  If you are looking for something that is good for you and does not taste amazing then this is perfect for you (yes, the sarcasm is intended).

I would rather eat a greasy slice from the local pizzeria than eat this healthy cardboard tasting fake pizza.  One slice of pizza costs around $3 and in New York City, that one slice is HUGE.  Add a few veggies and voila, instant yumminess.  A general frozen pizza pie that is 8-12” costs anywhere from $5 to $9. Kashi brand frozen pizza costs $7.  A small pie at the local pizzeria, $8.

Well, it may not be delivery or DiGiorno (although DiGiorno is probably one of the best tasting frozen pizzas) , it is not as good as delivery. Friendly on the wallet but not on the taste buds.

That is all for now.

Peace love and no Beef.



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