January 12, 2010: The Beginning

Hello and Welcome!

This is the beginning of an amazing adventure not just for myself but for you, the reader.  I have always had a great passion for food.  Not only is it delicious and we need it for survival, but there is so much diversity when it comes to food and so much that is there to explore.

I have decided to begin this blog to jump-start my dream to one day write for a Culinary magazine.  I plan on writing about and taking pictures of the food I have tried at restaurants as well as created on my own.  As my brother immediately pointed out, this seems similar to Julie Powell’s blog as portrayed in the movie ”Julie and Julia.” Although the idea is close in similarity, I have a completely different style and intend on sharing my love for food and cooking with whoever wants to listen.

This blog, unlike others, focuses on vegetarian tastes.  I have been a vegetarian for my twenty years of existence.  In order to understand what a vegetarian eats or likes, why not come to the source?

For this week I plan on exploring different restaurants in my hometown of the Bronx, New York.

I look forward to sharing my delectable explorations with you.

And remember you will find No BEEF here.



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