August 3, 2010: Benny & Gigi’s Spectacular Menu

I was not feeling super hungry today. I had a protein shake, a yogurt smoothie and a string cheese and two bites of my boyfriends slice of pizza.  We went to visit our dear friends Benny & Gigi and as usual they were up to some serious cooking. Benny made some fabulous beans and Gigi made amazing white rice as well as potato salad [no eggs for me!!!].  They even made the extra effort and fried some Patellitos with mozzarella Cheese [little cheese filled pockets that just melt in your mouth].

It took a long time to prepare this meal but to be honest the two and a half hour wait was worth it.  I ate moderately and I am completely satisfied.  The best part? The wine! Yum. I had a glass of White Zinfandel before the meal and a glass of Chardonnay along with my meal.

The perfect menu for my stomach tonight readers.

That is all for now.

Peace, love and no beef!



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