August 1, 2010: Foodgasm: A Hummus Wrap

Okay so I know I have slacked these past few days but I have a legitimate excuse.  I was enjoying the outdoors way too much for me to even thinking about sitting at my laptop and writing about my adventures.  Sometimes it is good to just live and experience things rather than jot every single detail down, which I am usually accustomed to doing.

Since my weekend is practically over I decided to share one of the most orgasmic wraps I have ever eaten.   I have not had this wrap in a long time so it was an amazing experience savoring and consuming this wrap.  I closed my eyes at a moment to just fully capture all the flavors I was tasting and to make sure I was doing it justice by eating it slowly and enjoying it since it was only half of a sandwich [even more reason to savor it].

So what made this wrap amazing? On a honey whole wheat tortilla was romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, tomatoes and the most delicious home-made hummus.  The first bite was like fireworks in my mouth. I felt reunited with one of my best friends from a long time ago.  Each bite got better and better as it went on.  I know this sounds super ridiculous but this simple wrap was exotic in taste.  I was in heaven while eating this.  All I could hear was myself chewing and the murmur of my mother and boyfriend in the background.  To be honest I was unable to even hold a conversation since I was so enraptured by the amazing flavors in my mouth.

I am sad that I had to travel all the way to Nyack [Rockland County] to get this wrap.  This is the type of food you have to perfect in order to get it to taste even half as good as it does from Back to Earth [the store that makes this delectable treat].

Well readers I will leave you with my foodgasmic thoughts.

Peace, love and no beef,



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