Gut Healing Glow Giving Veggie Broth {For Soups, Sippin’ + Kickin’ out da Sniffles}


Feeling under the weather last week really took a toll on my body and mental, spiritual, emotional creativity. I’m not a big fan of ordering out (in general) or finding someone (you know, like a restaurant or whoever) to concoct a magic potion for me to feel better. Though I could have skipped the time spent in the kitchen and kept my booty in bed, I chose to create this yummy broth recipe (it’s too legit to quit).

I don’t know about you but this new Bone Broth craze has me a little jelly.

I support my broth sippin’ friends but I can’t get myself to get into it since, hello, No Beef Here. There are countless benefits of bone broth when consumed regularly. When you sip broth it’s like popping your multivitamin or multimineral pills and it absorbs really quickly into your system. That’s pretty badass to me. I’d rather sip, eat, slurp, gulp my way to wellness instead of sucking down a ton of different pills (I have my exceptions of course).  Bone broth is rich in immune system supportive minerals and contains healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine, etc. The collagen (I LOVE collagen, there are some plant-based options, look up Reserveage and NEO Cell) in bone broth heals your gut lining, supports joint health and keeps your skin extra sexy and supple.

For my plant based friends, I’ve created a recipe that’s DELICIOUS to sip and LUSCIOUS to use in your favorite soups.

Each ingredient was mindfully simmered in a loving pot of water to gently coax out each flavor and give you the ultimate glow. And! The best part is you get a similar benefit in terms of promoting collagen production because this baby has seaweed ANNNNNNND beets. SAY WHAT?!!!

Now, go grab your biggest pot and put this baby on the stove on low and take it slow. An orgasmic glow is WORTH that wait. I promise.

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